BTMA- How important is the palm oil press machine ?

If you are demanding for a set of palm oil machine to set up your palm oil plant or rise up your palm oil yield rate, BTMA Machinery is here for you. We are committed to provide and develop various palm oil milling machines with latest technologies. Get in touch with us immediately if you have any questions or confusions about the palm oil machines or equipment. We will response to your consultancy instantly.


What is palm oil ?


The oil palm tree, bears fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) after three years. Palm kernel oil may be extracted from the nut of each of the fruits in the bunch. The oil is one of the most commonly used vegetable oils worldwide. It is essential to use fresh fruit bunches as the rancidity of the fruit is high. Once the palm crude oil acid value becomes high due to rancidity, the refining efficiency is negatively impacted. The palm oil production line consists of several stages such as reception, sterilization, threshing, pressing, clarification, and kernel recovery. The product is also sent to the power station, boiler station, water treatment plant, and the oil storage tank. As we can see, palm oil machine is extensive.


Breakdown of the main parts of palm oil plant production


The reception station is where the fruit bunches reach after being collected from plantations. Having a steel and concrete structure, the reception station also has a hydraulic control system where the automatic opening and closing of the hydraulic door allows for continuous operation.


To reduce acidity and slow down enzyme activity which leads to rancidity, the sterilizing tank uses direct steam. This ensures that a high quality of crude oil is obtained.


At the threshing station, the thresher rotary drum separates fresh palm fruits from bunches. The palm fruits are then conveyed to the digester via the elevator. There is a scraper conveyor that conveys out empty bunches out of the factory. Forging technology is used by the thresher shaft.


The pressing machine, again, uses a hydraulic control system to space out the pressing bolts. This allows various palm fruits species to be processed at the same time and guarantees a good oil yield. (you may also interest in palm oil pressing plant )


An air duct is used at the kernel recovery station to separate the palm shell and the nut at the center of the fruit, the kernel. The palm oil machine consists of a special type of mud bath equipment that has the ability to separate the two components according to their differing densities.


At the clarification station, an oil purifying system of latest technology is used. This promises a good oil quality while reducing investment in machinery and minimizing oil losses. In fact, it has been shown that the new technology can reduce oil loss to below 1.3%.


Usually, generators are used to run the power plants at the power station. The boiler station offers high-temperature steam. This sterilizes the palm fruit bunch. The water treatment plant simply provides usable water for the mill. The oil tank is for the storage of crude palm oil. There is a heating pipe placed inside the tank so as to prevent the palm oil from turning into a solid.


Palm Oil Mill Plant Benefits


A palm oil mill plant allows the oil to be produced at a low cost and without having a significant environmental impact. Palm oil machine has the advanced processes. One such example is the mechanical oil pressing technology used. This ensures successful palm oil extraction. Surprisingly, the whole process consumes low energy. It is not detrimental to the environment either. ( see more details about palm oil mill plant )


With above information, you may have a relatively clear idea about the process and the advantages of palm oil milling machine. Our company, BTMA Machinery, boasts the improved palm oil mill plant and palm kernel oil extraction plant. If you have any questions, please do not feel hesitate to contact us with email or just call us through our hot line.

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