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Palm oil is currently the biggest vegetable oil plant worldwide in terms of consumption, production and trade. Consumption history.

Palm oil is extracted from the palm fruit on palm trees. The nuts and the pulp produce palm kernel and palm oil oil, and vice versa. In the past, palm oil was is the only one that includes the latter. Palm oil is refined and then divided to produce products that have different melting points. These are extensively used in the food industry, catering industry and the oleochemical sector. Southeast Asia and Africa, as the principal producing regions for palm oils, make up around 88% of the global production of palm oil. Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria are the top three producers of palm oil in the world. Presently, China has become the largest importer of palm oil with a consumption that amounts to 6 million tons, which accounts about 20% of global market.

The palm oil industry has attracted the attention of environmentalists because of deforestation in the tropics in which the palm is grown . The palm has been identified as a contributing factor to social problems , despite accusations of human rights violations by the growers. An industry-led group was formed in 2004 was formed to develop environmentally sustainable and ethical palm oils via it’s Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. However, only a tiny amount of can be certified as palm oil by the group that has been criticized by some groups as “greenwashing”. A report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature acknowledged that palm oil is more effective on land and on the ground as compared to other oil. Water use is important, however deforestation results in more loss of biodiversity than switching to other oils.

BTMA Machinery can offer you the BEST customized palm oil processing solutions for both fresh fruit bunch and palm kernel/nut. With years of experience in oil extraction and refinery filed, we are capable of turnkey oil mill plant construction, including process design, oil mill machinery manufacture, plant layout, installation and debugging, and technical guidance. Our goals and objectives are offer the tailor-made plan for each of you, guide you master the core technology of palm oil extracting and refining, and build your future!

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