BTMA-What features are the small palm oil press machine?

Palm Oil, which is an edible vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of oil palms, primarily of African origin, involves a series of rigorous procedures in a dedicated palm oil processing plant. The entire palm oil production process necessitates the use of several types of machinery for palm oil extraction.

Nowadays, this small scale palm oil press machine is the best choice for start Palm Oil Production Business. They have many outstanding features:
1. Energy Saving – Reduce electric power by 40% for the same output. If calculated as saving 6 KWH per hour on average, the daily production can save about $4 in electricity bills.
2. Labor Saving – The same output can save 60% labor. One to two people can organize the production and save about $6 labor cost per day.
3. Pure Oil – Vacuum filters remove the oil residue, ensuring oil purity, in line with health and quarantine standards.
4. Small Area Occupation – It only requires about 10~20 square meters for the oil production needs.
5. Durable Machine – Advanced palm oil pressing machine with high sustainability.
6. Easy Operation and Less Maintenance – The uncomplicated operational techniques allow even workers with the minimum knowledge to manoeuver them with ease.
7. Factory Price – All palm oil making equipment is now offered the most competitive prices.

When your plan begins, you need to find a reliable and cost-effective manufacturer to develop a series of plans for your upcoming palm oil production factory and provide good after-sales service. When looking for one, you can’t just look at the price of the palm oil press machine, the market is mixed and price is not the only criterion, quality is. Here, we recommend BTMA Machinery.

BTMA Machinery have prolific experience in the manufacture and supply of palm oil making machines, which has made the company a trusted industrialist of the same in China. With years of development, we have established complete process of designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical guidance and after-sales service.

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